Shark Water


Today, the famous Rob Stewart came and shared whith us, his new awesome movie called “SharkWater” which is not yet realeased in Hong Kong so we are one of the first to see it. It was a documentery. Think documentreys are boring? Think agian after watching this. He spent 5 years making this film, and told us how he had swim with sharks. We also gained alot of information after his presentation. Like, What are the 4 endangerd species of sharks? Well, most people whould me surprised to know that there are only 4. There are more than four, but it can only be endangered if the public fights for it. The four are: Great White, Basking, Whale Shark and Saw shark.

Don’t eat sharkfin soup. Don’t kill sharks. Watch the video. Take Action.

E*A*G*L*E 10

The End Of The School Year

Hey all readers,

The end of the school year is coming up. (June 15th is the last day). We are all very exited. I will stop writing on this blog, but I will leave the content on. On the last week of school we are only going to have fun so we will be working hard till then. I am going to have Eagle 04 and Eagle 16 come to my house for 8 hours. We are also going to have beach day, where we have free time on the beach. Lately, I have been lazy because we had a long weekend. (It felt long…). All of us are going to clear out our desks and lockers. We are also going to pull all the decorations, posters and stuff on the wall/in the classroom down ;).

I’m hungry.

Eagle 10 🙂

Challenge 10 Part 2

Here are the Q:A

What were your first impressions of this blog?

It is an impressive blog with a decent visual display, reflecting a sense of imagination and artistic virtues.

What captured your attention?
The posts is what catches my attention most often, especially when we see tiny errors 😉

What distracted you on the blog?

Nothing in particular…. a blog is a blog afterall!

What suggestions can you give me to Improve my blog?

Honestly, I wish I could blog as good as you…………. my only suggestion, would be to be more polite/courteous in your posts.

The Last Unit of Inquiery

This unit is a little embarrassing, but I will try to explain as briefly as possible. This unit is on puberty, theme is who we are. The central idea is “Throughout life, our bodies go through a series of changes to make us who we are”. We are also talking about all the systems and muscles in your body and what happens to them when you grow older/get into puberty.

No more.

E*A*G*L*E 10

Challenge #10 (The Last One)

I have written 47 posts! Unmanageable for the time I have been blogging. 2/3 was school related, and 1/3 was the student challenge. The last little bit (1/8) was my own interests. I have gotten 59 comments. I got the most comments from the posts  have written well… I enjoyed writing all my posts, I like blogging. I changed blog themes only once, because I liked another theme more 🙂 . I have 9 widgets, I think that is good/enough.

Camp :)

Camp always makes me smile. We went to camp for 3 days and 2 nights on Cheng Chau island with Dragonfly Outdoor Team. (DOT). The leader of our group was a fearless leader named Will. ;). We had no-stop activity and fun for 3 days. At camp we learnt all about the outdoors and bacics fo surviving in the wild. Food was a pleasure. We slept in dorms/cabins not tents. I had good friends in my cabin… :]

Festival of the Arts

For this week, there was some thing called “festival of the arts”. Its basically it’s when the school show’s of thier talent. People/groups come over to perform for us and there is a friday night when if you want to come you can see the lower/upper school’s talent. Upper school was last friday. Last year the name was “Evening of the arts” which I think sounded better. (personal opinion). I really like festival of the arts because we get to miss class (chinese and french! =) ). And most of the performances are dazzling. I’m sure there is no other school like ours.

E*A*G*L*E* 10

Attracting People to Your Blog

There are a number of ways, so I’ll just give you a list =).

-When writing comments, (on other people’s blogs) leave your blog URL in the comment.

-When creating a blog, put your blog on google!

– (This tip was suggested by my friend) Advertise your blog.

-Tell People

Short and sweet

Eagle 10

“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect” -Eagle 10